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Climate Hope for the ears. This podcast is about bringing a little bit of hope to you. In the episodes you can listen to stories by people who are engaged or who want to be engaged and tell us why they feel hopeful about what they do. Let us get more engaged in climate action and stay positive. To make suggestions for new topics or guests reach out to me: stories.climatehope[at]

Mit Madeleine Krenzlin spreche ich darüber, inwiefern ein Tiny House klimaschonend ist. Sie hat ihr eigenes Tiny House gebaut und berät nun andere Begeisterte bei ihrem Bau oder dem Kauf eines Tiny House. Falls du dich auch für einen alternativen Wohnstil interessierst, hör mal rein. Links: Tiny-House Beratung von Madeleine: Dokumentation von Madeleines Tiny-House Bau: Facebook-Seite:

Laura Trölenberg ist heute zu Gast und wir haben viele spannende Fragen an sie, wie: Was ist die Rolle von Umweltpsychologie im Klimawandel? Und: wo kann man mehr lernen oder das Fach studieren? Heute geht es um Initiativen, die junge Menschen für Engagement begeistern wollen. Für ihre Arbeit ist Laura in mehreren Projekten und Vereinen aktiv, wie Klasse Klima, Wandelwerk, Initiative Psychologie im Umweltschutz und Netzwerk N.

Klasse Klima: Methode N: Handbuch Psychologie im Umweltschutz: Wandelwerk: Initiative Psychologie im Umweltschutz (IPU): Umweltpsychologie an der Universität Magdeburg: Studiengang „Mensch und Umwelt: Psychologie, Kommunikation, Ökonomie“ an der Universität Koblenz-Landau:

Through art we can see things in a different light and learn something new. In this episode, Nikunj Pathak shares his understanding of hope in form of a poem. This is the third and last part of my conversation with Nikunj. 


Text of the poem:

I ask what is hope
An emotion or a lie,
Or a word for refusing deny,
When I think of this I broke,
My mind doesnt know what is hope,

A river on her way to the sea,
And the eyes of a man on a boat,
Do they have the same destiny,
I dont know 
but I see hope,

Will the river meet the sea,
And the man his destiny,
Their fate is bound in one rope,
And I feel there is hope,

Dark clouds gearing up in the sky,
Looking up the man sighs,
Chilling wind and lightening sensations,
There is hope in his emotions,

This too shall pass,
Closing eyes he thought,
Sleeping on a floating boat,
I see hope.

In this episode Nikunj Pathak tells his story of how he met a farmer who had high expectations towards Nikunj's work. This is a story of how you can become hopeful by an unexpected encounter. This episode is the second part of the conversation with Nikunj.  Make sure to check out the first part which is called "Individual Power to Foster Change".

With Nikunj I talk about the current Covid-19 situation in India and his work as a field researcher in the water and sanitation sector. He gives an insight in his field research to improve sanitation in Indian villages. We conclude that every individual has the power to foster change. This is the first part of our conversation.

Links: UNWater WHO UNICEF Indian Polity


Raul Cazan tells us the story of his climate change working life from being a journalist, founding his own NGO and representing a plaintiff in the People’s Climate Case. Have a listen to find out how many opportunities are out there and get inspired. People’s Climate Case 2Celsius Climate Action Network Europe Transport and Environment Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC)

In this episode, we welcome Ted McIntyre, a podcaster and member of the Massachussets Climate Action Network (short: MCAN), who tells us how he became an activist and how he finds hope in his own engagement as a podcaster and climate hawk.

The Climate Minute Podcast Website of MCAN

Dies ist eine kurze Einführung zum neuen Podcast Stories of Climate Change Hope.

This is the introduction to the new podcast Stories of Climate Change Hope.

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